Terni Polimeri, established in 2003 thanks to thirty years of experience in the field of its founders, is a production and distribution company that combines experience and innovation to offer cutting-edge materials and services to the manufacturing industry.

Terni Polimeri is the depository of a specific Know-How that allows it to produce a remarkable typology of PP and PE compounds able to satisfy specific requirements, also on customer request, respecting the parameters of: color – MFI – IZOD – Module elastic – Percentage elongation – VICAT – Percentage of mineral charge – Hardness.

The strong point is its laboratory equipped with a wide equipment for the analysis of incoming materials and the certification of production lots.

The company, mainly oriented to the production of polypropylene compounds with mineral fillers (talc, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, glass fiber, etc.) also produces a wide range of regenerated copolymers, self-extinguishing products, high density polyethylene PEHD, polyethylene medium density PEMD, low density PELD polyethylene, aimed at the molding, extrusion and film process.

The company has its headquarters in the S. Rufina site in Cittaducale, Viale Leonardo da Vinci, 9, inside the Rieti – Cittaducale industrial center and carries out its activity in a factory of around 10,000 m2 and a land of about 30,000 m2.

In general, the productions are addressed to the most various application sectors including:


Bumper material, interior furnishings, engine covers, wheel arches, etc.

Components for the Electric Sector

Electrical boxes and various components.

Building components

Wells, ducts, grills, mason's buckets, etc.

Domestic appliances

Components for household appliances

Garden furniture and nursery gardening

Chairs, tables, plastic cabinets, vases, etc.

Agricultural Sector

Fruit boxes and various accessories.

Household sector

Dryers, clothes pegs, brooms, trash cans, etc.

Healthcare sector

Polypropylene binders.


Polypropylene and polyethylene pipes.




Confirming its commitment to safeguarding and respecting the environment, Terni Polimeri is proud to have obtained the “Plastic Second Life” certification from the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics (IPPR), which refers to the percentages of recycled material reported in the circular dated 4 August 2004, implementing Ministerial Decree 203/2003 on Green Public Procurement, and the UNI EN ISO 14021 standard.